Executive Vice President

Cheri Tillis


Cheri Tillis, Executive Vice President 

Cheri Tillis has been leading program development and operations at FSC since 2003. She is charged with recruiting men into FSC’s Family Formation program, ensuring ongoing funding of FSC’s work, and managing all government grant programs.

Prior to joining FSC, Tillis worked in the Division of Youth Services in St. Louis as a youth specialist. She also served a year in AmeriCorps, working in schools and community centers throughout St. Louis.

In addition to her many duties managing the ongoing operations of FSC, Tillis currently oversees federal and state grants that provide training and employments services, as well as rehabilitative services, to ex-offenders reentering the St. Louis community. She is also charged with the administration of a federal grant — awarded to FSC and only a handful of similar programs nationwide — to research the impact of fatherhood programs.

Tillis represents FSC at many national fatherhood conferences, where she is often called upon to speak about FSC’s program, which is increasingly pointed to as a national model for fatherhood programs.

Tillis holds a master’s in human resource management from Lindenwood University and a bachelor’s in criminal justice from Jackson State University.


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