Director of Community Outreach

Charles Barnes

barnesDirector of Employment Charles Barnes was one of the first men to graduate from FSC’s Family Formation Program so he understands just how difficult it can be for men who have issues with child support, substance abuse or even a criminal record to get and keep a job.

Barnes has spent more than 12 years in various roles helping men in the program prepare for, secure and maintain employment. He conducts mock interviews where he coaches the men on how to address tough topics, like a criminal record.


Charles Barnes struggled for many years. He had a father who was absent for much of his life, faced his own hurdles of alcohol and drugs and had trouble communicating with his children and their mothers.

Charles came to FSC between jobs. After he lost his job, he broke his leg – an accident that, in the end, would prove most fortunate for Charles. During his recovery, Charles enrolled in FSC’s Family Formation Class in January 1999. It was here where he found hope and a new lease on life.

As a father, Charles learned how to provide love, guidance and discipline in a way that supports children who grow up balanced, healthy and knowing they are loved. As a man, Charles credits FSC with making him better in every facet of his life – a life that he now approaches with an outlook that is both positive and objective.

Today, Charles is FSC’s Director of Community Outreach. In his professional role, he feels blessed to be able to give back to the men he counsels the support FSC Gave to him.

“Through God’s grace and mercy he has kept me here through all my trials and tribulations to use me as a testimony for those men having similar situations,” Charles said.

Lexus Barnes, Daughter, 17

“Prior to my dad being at FSC, we didn’t understand each other well.  Now, we communicate better and spend more quality time together. I love my dad.”


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