Jeffrey Irons

ironnewsPrior to coming to Fathers’ Support Center in 2010, Jeffrey Irons, Facilitator, was not a responsible husband or father. Drugs and criminal behavior dominated his life – and eventually landed him in a 30-year jail sentence. After serving 18 years, Jeffrey was released from prison and needed structure in his life.

He met Charles Barnes, FSC’s Director of Employment. After a heart-to-heart conversation about the changes Charles had made in his own life to overcome his criminal past and turn his life around, Jeffrey was convinced that enrolling in FSC’s Family Formation class would keep him out of jail and give him the tools he needed to lead a productive life.

Since graduating from the Family Formation class, Jeffrey’s relationship with his children has dramatically changed for the better. Today, he is the facilitator at FSC’s Employment Connection location, inspiring men to change their lives in the same way that Charles Barnes inspired him.

“My children, watching me being industrious and living the life as a productive person changed their perspective on life,” said Jeffrey Irons.

Jeffrey Irons Jr., 21

“Me and my father have a great relationship now, and I can talk to him about anything. He influenced my decision to go to Missouri College where I’m majoring in business administration.”

Daryl Irons, 30

“He has changed for the better. Given the situation he was in, change was hard. When he got out of prison, it was challenging for him. Fathers’ Support Center helped him become a successful person.”

Brijett Irons, 24

“He is a loving and caring dad and never more than a phone call away.”


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