Willie Streeter

streeterWillie Streeter, FSC Facilitator, had previously been in prison and was a struggling father of five children prior to coming to Fathers’ Support Center and enrolling in the Family Formation Class in 2012.

“At FSC I learned to be humble and patient with my children. I applied other methods of discipline with my children than I had in the past and this helped me to become a better father. Most of all, I learned that being a tough father was actually being a gentle one rather than an angry one,” Willie said.

Following graduation, Willie was able to gain physical custody of his son who had been in foster care and is currently raising all five of his children together. He is also now a facilitator for the Fathers’ Rap Program.

“My children are more respectful towards me and tend to listen when I speak now,” he said. “They enjoy the new method of communication and discipline that I’ve learned through the Family Formation class. Most importantly, I believe that the fact that they know I work a job, pursue a degree, raise my children, and have a passion to help those in need exemplifies what a strong man I’ve become.”

Willie Streeter, Son, 12

“Before the program (Family Formation) he was struggling and after the program he wasn’t struggling anymore. My dad is a nicer man now.”

Maleik Streeter, Son, 11

“He’s a good dad and his job has really changed him for the better.”


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