History and Mission

Founded in 1997, Fathers’ Support Center is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families by encouraging committed and responsible parents.

Our mission is to foster healthy relationships by strengthening families and communities.

For 20 years, Fathers’ Support Center has served almost 15,000 fathers and their families — this includes 40,000 children. FSC has experienced continued success with its nationally-recognized partnerships.

Fathers’ Support Center’s rigorous, full-immersion Family Formation Program boasts an 69% job placement rate. Of the 348 fathers enrolled throughout 2016, 75% report improved or developed healthy relationships with their children. The men who completed the program  in the past year are paying a combined $251,000 annually to directly support their children. In addition, 319 clients agency-wide obtained employment in 2016 and are putting a combined $6.8 million into the local economy.

In 2016, on a $3.9 million budget in program expenses, FSC’s return on investment to the St. Louis community totaled more than $13.5 million. That’s just an initial return, and as parents, families, and communities grow stronger, the positive effect continues to multiply.


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Every Father is a Responsible Father Who is Committed to a Cohesive Family Relationship.

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