Service Offerings

From completing high school, higher education and choosing a professional career, to giving guidance on being a positive example for their peers and the community, our staff works one on one with youth to reshape their mindsets, thought processes and outlooks.

YLDP helps youth develop work readiness skills, build positive peer and adult relationships, encourage social and emotional learning, enhance key life skills and inspire a sense of responsibility for the community.

The pursuit of employment is supported by providing youth with transportation, professional attire, interview prep sessions and even job placement!

Our youth also benefit from group sessions, which focus on career exploration, post-secondary education opportunities and recreational activities through community-based learning experiences.

YLDP mentors assist youth with the goals of decreasing high-risk behaviors, improving self-esteem, developing healthy peer and family relationships, and understanding the importance of making positive choices, improved financial literacy and empowering them to become leaders in their own communities.

Youth enrolled in YLDP engage in group mentoring, one-on-one mentoring, peer-to-peer bonding outings, career exploration activities and tours of local colleges and universities. Youth enrolled in YLDP will have access to services for up to one year or more (depending on need) after completion of the 10 week program. YLDP was created to ensure youth are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to successfully enter into adulthood and to provide exposure to educational and career opportunities.

We connect youth enrolled in YLDP with great jobs and help them on the path to finding careers! Discussion topics include communication strategies, personal responsibility, job-readiness skills, mock interviews, resume development and coaching.

YLDP teaches youth to improve their self-esteem, avoid high-risk behaviors, set obtainable goals, learn to improve communication, develop healthy relationship skills, understand the benefits of making positive life choices, learn financial literacy skills and the importance of creating/following a budget and developing leadership and empowerment skills.

Our Impact

  • 100% of youth are enrolled or have completed secondary education.
  • 88% of youth who have graduated high school and completed YLDP are enrolled in college or a trade school.
  • 78% of youth enrolled in YLDP decreased risky behaviors.

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Full Year of Support

Youth who complete the program receive follow-up services for up to one year to support their transition into adulthood.

Service Offerings

Relationship Building | Education | Employment

Become A Community Mentor

Fathers & Families Support Center is currently seeking out professionals of all types in the Saint Louis Area to volunteer as community mentors. The community mentor should be able to provide the youth with approximately 20 hours of job shadowing experience.

The youth can complete the shadowing after-school or on the weekends. Some youth will be allowed to leave school early to arrive at their job shadowing site.

Interested in volunteering to mentor a father or youth in need? Would you like to help with a fundraising event? Check out our opportunities.