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Fathers’ Support Center staff attended the Administration for Children and Families Annual Grantee meeting August 25-28.

FSC’s Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood Program was highlighted for its participation in the Parents and Children Together study (PACT Evaluation) conducted by Mathematica Policy Research.

To date FSC has recruited 1,686 participants and is showing momentum toward becoming a best practice model in providing programs that effectively provide services to fathers.

“During the plenary panel on the subject of “Understanding Toxic Stress”, Fathers’ Support Center was noted as the best fatherhood program model in the country by renowned Researcher, Dr. David Pate, of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee/Center for Family Policy and Practice,” said FSC Executive Vice President Cheri Tillis.

“The trauma that our fathers may encounter on a daily basis has to be acknowledged and addressed in an appropriate manner in order for our fathers to be able to be healthy parents,” Pate explained at the meeting.  “I applaud the method the FSC takes in its “What’s Up” section of each day to help fathers process their issues and the staff handle the information in the most effective manner that I have seen.”

Click here to see a PACT appreciation video that FSC was a part of at the Pact Evaluation.

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