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Responsible Fatherhood Project

Gerald Proctor

Gerald Proctor, a graduate of Class 118, is on a much better path since completing the Family Formation Program. “It put me back on track,” he said. Since graduation he has obtained a job at CVS drug store where he will work as a cashier in preparation for pharmacy assistance training. Proctor has six children, including 10-year-old Kiyoko, who is one of the top 10 basketball players in the nation according to the All-American Report. She is already being scouted for a future at Saint Louis University. Fathers’ Support Center’s Legal Services helped Proctor arrange for child support payment agreements with courts and his five other children during his FSC tenure. “It was always ‘no’,” Proctor said of his court battles. But when Legal Services Director Lisl Williams stepped in, a plan was set in place.

Paul Freeman

paul-freemanPaul Freeman recently completed the Building Maintenance Program at Ranken Technical College.  Three months ago Freeman stopped by FSC’s MET Center location to find employment and housing.  He came to the MET Center everyday to volunteer and be around positive people.  On September 30, 2016, Freeman’s hard work paid off he obtained employment Katsam Enterprise making $11.96 as a maintenance worker.

Matthew Schmidt

matthew-schmidtMatthew Schmidt participated in FSC’s Salvation Army ARC program and was going through a custody battle for his children.

With the help of FSC’s V.P. of Community Outreach, Chester Deanes, Schmidt got in touch with FSC attorney Lisl Williams.

He now has joint custody of his children and credits the ARC and Fathers’ Support Center for improving his parenting skills and his relationship with his children.

Roy Bertelsmeyer

DSCF0495Roy Bertelsmeyer was working a part-time job and needed more. He was living with a friend and facing the barriers of being a father without a full time job, having to pay child support, and the uncertainty of his future. Seeking opportunity, he enrolled the Fathers’ Support Center’s Family Formation Program.

After Bertelsmeyer graduated from the program he took advantage of the resources and opportunities to address the barriers blocking his path. He is now able to make his child support payments and passed his High School Equivalency Test (HISET) with flying colors.

Bertelsmeyer is a proud father of two children he is seeing on a regular basis. He is fully involved in their lives and education. He credits Sr. Carol Schumer’s parenting class for helping him be more active and visible in his children’s lives. The relationship with the mothers of his children has also improved.

“Just being there with my children’s has helped me a great deal in my sense of being responsible as a parent,” Bertelsmeyer said.

Sean Dorsey

Sean DorseySean Dorsey, 23,  participated in the Family Formation Program at Fathers’ Support Center’s SLATE location.

He was very receptive to learning new ways to facing life and being a good father. Dorsey was hired at a construction company making $17 an hour despite not having experience.

“A fresh start and life skills delivered effectively will produce a better parent for all of our children,” he said.

Ahmad McCall

Ahmad McCallClient Ahmad McCall graduated in Class 113 from Father’s Support Center.

Since his FSC graduation, McCall graduated St. Louis University earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and African-American studies. McCall has started a LLC company that parents a shoe store known as 360Kicks in the downtown area of St. Louis.

McCall has improved his relationship with his children by communicating with them more often. He has also developed a co-parenting relationship with one of his children mothers.

McCall is a frequent visitor to FSC classes to encourage the new clients to be receptive and present in class daily.

He is 37 with two children ages 15 and 13.

Lamondras Davenport

Lamondras DavenportLamondras Davenport graduated from class 114.

Davenport came to FSC after serving a 10 year prison sentence. During his time in the program, he had a perfect attendance and displayed commitment to the opportunity to improve himself.

An employment opportunity through FSC at Taylor’s Roofing Company allowed Davenport to start working again at a pay rate of $17 dollars an hour. Thanks to the values and skills he learned at FSC to boast a strong work ethic and dedication to work, he was offered a higher paying position at $39 an hour.

Davenport is 41 years old and has 4 children.

Training To Work

Richard Allen

Richard Allen, graduate of the Training To Work 4 Project, obtained his Class E Chauffeur License and passed The Work Keys Assessment as well.

Mr. Allen came to Fathers’ Support Center’s MET Center without a plan but he was determined to change. Allen worked every day with his Career Advisors Marvin Shelton and Shay Irwin to develop a plan and set attainable goals.

Allen is moving full speed on the goals he created. One of them was to obtain his EPA license. He will begin the Building Maintenance program at Ranken Technical College in March.

Jason Peth

jason-pethJason Peth, a Training to Work Project client, completed his building maintenance training at Ranken Technical College.  He was still having trouble finding employment so he reached back out to the training to work staff.  He started meeting with FSC Job Developer Marvin Shelton on a regular basis. Shelton encouraged him to go back and get his forklift and scissor lift license.  His hard work and dedication paid off. He started a new job October 25, 2016 as a forklift operator making $12.50 an hour.

Peth said, “Hard work and dedication pays off. No one owes you or will give you anything in this life for free.” Peth is looking forward to spending more time with his kids and is moving into his own residence.

Donald Gilmore

donald-gilmoreDonald Gilmore was given a 10-year sentence and was released from prison after the first of the year. He was recruited by Fathers’ Support Center and entered the Training To Work Program on January 11, 2016.

While in the program, he received his forklift certification and has completed his CDL license from Southern Missouri Trucking School.  He obtained gainful employment and is now working at PTI Transportation Inc., as a driver.

Gilmore has surpassed the program salary requirements and was making $12.50 an hour at the time of his entry.  He has improved his income to 54 cents a mile and has nearly doubled his previous hourly rate.

Gilmore drives his own truck and is making his rounds across the U.S. visiting several states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas.

In addition to his FSC completion and success, he is working on improving his relationship with his 18-year-old daughter.

Corey Thomas

corey-thomasCorey Thomas was given a life sentence, but was later pardoned and released from prison.

Thomas was recruited by the Fathers’ Support Center and participated in the Training To Work Project and earned his forklift certification. He has also completed carpentry certification through Ranken.

He has since obtained gainful employment – working at FedEx as a forklift operator.  He has surpassed the Training To Work salary requirements and is making $12.50 an hour.

Thomas is working on building his relationship with his 22-year-old daughter and was recently released from the Dismas House.

Ronrico Johnson

ronrico-johnsonRonrico Johnson joined the Training To Work Project in August of 2015 while at the St. Louis County Justice Center.  where he  participated in the life skills program.

Upon his release he met with the FSC reentry team and earned his forklift license. In need of more HVAC training, he enrolled at Ranken Technical College and was the only student in the class.  He earned his Universal EPA license and is now showing interest in the painter apprenticeship at SLATE.

Legal Services

Roosevelt Chew

Roosevelt Chew, a graduating member of FSC Class 120, had a successful outcome in Madison County, Illinois in regard to custody and visitation rights with his daughter.
Mr. chew had obtained a court ordered parenting plan from St. Clair County. The mother of Mr. Chew’s daughter refused to comply with the terms of the parenting plan and he successfully had the court find her in contempt of court and find her $400. The daughter’s mother still refused to comply and Mr. Chew filed a second motion of contempt. The daughter’s mother responded by hiring her own attorney. A child order of protection request followed. The matter was transferred out of St. Clair and over to Madison.

Mr. Chew worked closely with Fathers’ Support Center’s Legal Services team; preparing him for every court appearance. Frustration from the mother’s attorney was duly noted. In mid-July, the daughter’s mother dismissed her order of protection request and the original custody order was reinstated.

Letasha Harry

Letasha Harry graduated from the Parenting in Partnership Project (Mothers’ Project) in June 2016. In four fast months, she has finished her schooling, improved her relationship with her husband and children, and found gainful employment.

Parenting In Partnership

Jennifer Pine

jennifer%20pineJennifer Pine came to FSC through the Training to Work Program in 2015 a distraught; vexing to navigate her life on a better path. After years of drug abuse and self-abandonment, she decided to take the steps for better preservation as a woman with dignity and newly found self-esteem.

Pine pressed toward goal development and self-fulfillment through character enhancement, spiritual enrichment, and job readiness training via the Training to Work Program — where she has completed her forklift driving certification.  Pine transferred to our Parenting In Partnership (Mothers’ Project) in 2016 where she learned parenting skills, nutrition, financial literacy, and everyday life skills.  With assistance from our FSC’s Legal Services, Pine was able to see her daughter and received regular visitation. Pine was able to overcome past obstructions through the Mothers’ Project and develop a structure to support the direction of her future. Pine has aspirations to be an addiction counselor and speaker for men and women that need support and self-efficacy.


Youth Leadership & Development

Youth ProgramCaleb told his mentor, FSC Youth Director Aaron Harris, that he wanted to become an architect.

“After hearing how enthusiastic Caleb was learning more about architecture I contacted Grant Alexander of SP Architects and arranged for them to do lunch together,” said Harris

Grant gave Caleb advice on where he should further his education in architecture.

“I talked with Caleb about the difference between attending an accredited architecture university versus an unaccredited architecture university,” Grant said.

“His knowledge supported my interest in attending the University of Oklahoma which has an accredited architecture program,” said Caleb.

Caleb was also able to see first-hand some of the daily activities of an architect.

“We looked over blueprints of new projects that SP Architects were working on and he showed me the appropriate way to draw steps for a home through free hand drawing,” Caleb said.

Alexander gave the teen a few tools architects use: a scale, architecture pencil to draw steps with as well, and a lead sharpener.

Alexander was impressed with Caleb.

“I invited him to meet up again to discuss computer drafting techniques used by architects,” he added.

For more information about Youth Leadership & Development or any of our services, contact us.

Children whose fathers aren’t involved in their lives are…

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  • Not Involved

10x More likely to use illegal drugs

  • Involved
  • Not Involved

20x More likely to have behavioral disorders

  • Involved
  • Not Involved

20x More likely to go to prison

  • Involved
  • Not Involved

9x More likely to not graduate from highschool

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