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Tools to Build a Strong Foundation

Fathers’ Support Center provides comprehensive programs and services to help clients become better parents in order to improve outcomes for children.

Our signature offering for responsible fathers-to-be is The Family Formation program.

Other vital programs include Employment Development & Mentoring, Youth Leadership & Development and Fathers‘ Rap.

Agency Goals

Through the delivery of these services we reach the following goals:

  • Prepare fathers to become financially and emotionally involved parents
  • Help fathers attain the skills necessary to gain and maintain steady employment
  • Help both parents develop the skills and behaviors that foster the well-being of their children
  • Build a foundation from which their children can develop into responsible and productive adults in the community

Fathers’ Support Center has consistently achieved these goals for well over a decade, and in so doing has made a remarkably positive impact on the lives of nearly 9,000 men and their children.

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Every Father is a Responsible Father Who is Committed to a Cohesive Family Relationship.

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