The Fathers’ Support Center’s Tributes & Memorials Fund provides a powerful way for you to support the Center while paying tribute to your father or a loved one, celebrating a special occasion or expressing gratitude.

You and the individual or family you designate will receive an acknowledgement of the tribute gift without reference to the amount of the gift. All gifts are 100% tax deductible. Gifts of $30 or more will be listed below.

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Note: To ensure your donation is given as a tribute, select “In Tribute To” from the dedication type dropdown.

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Recent Memorials

Charles Joshua Cella
In loving memory. From Mrs. Lee Streett.

Halbert B. Suillvan, Jr.
To honor the memory of fathers and sons. From Jane Donahue.

Halbert B. Suillvan, Jr.
In your memory. From William and Sally Jo Delabar.

Halbert B. Suillvan, Jr.
He will always be in our heart. From Susie Galvin.

Halbert B. Suillvan, Jr.
In memory. From Barbara Stidhum.

Halbert B. Suillvan, Jr.
In memory. From Shirley D. Dees-Gray.

Halbert B. Suillvan, Jr.
In memory. From Don and Antonia Durham.

Reginald Harris
In memory. From A.H. Russell

Reginald Harris
In honor of your memory. From Elaine Hogan.

Reginald Harris
In loving memory. From Lynda Gehlhausen.

Reginald Harris
In your memory. From Sara Croft.

Reginald Harris
In honor of you. From Kelzey Riggs.

Willie R. Walker
In memory of this beloved father. From the Staff of St. Martha’s Hall.

Shawn P. McClanahan
In loving memory. From Laura Stobbs

Brian Johnson
One of the finest men and greatest fathers I’ve ever known. Oscar taught you well. From Mark Brooks.

Russell J. Wenzel, Sr.
A gentle soul and wonderful Father – in the stands for every game and never let us go to sleep sad or angry. From Dave Wenzel.

Mrs. Layel L. Henry
Honoring her memory. From Shirley Dees-Gray.


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