The Fathers’ Support Center’s Tributes & Memorials Fund provides a way for you to support the organization while paying tribute to your father, a loved one, celebrating a special occasion, or expressing gratitude.
You and the individual or family you designate will receive an acknowledgement of the tribute gift without reference to the amount. All gifts are 100 percent tax deductible. Gifts of $30 or more will be listed below.

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Note: To ensure your donation is given as a tribute, select “In Tribute To” from the dedication.

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Recent Tributes

In Gratitude
From Thomas Rassieur – Dear Lynn & Frank,  Thanks for making us aware of Fathers’ Support Center. Merry Christmas! Love, Chichi & Tom

To Honor Friends & Family
From Holly & Dave Gulick – Given in honor of Clint Gulick, Jeff & Abby Miller and Rob & Alice Sherwood.

Honoring Dad
From Joseph Goldkamp to Mr. Paul R. Goldkamp – What a blessing to have such a father. I love you, Dad, for all that you have done and do for me.

Keep on, Keeping on
From Toba Cohen-Dunning: Thank you for the good work you do in the St. Louis community!  Best wishes from Omaha!

To a Devotions Leader
From Annie Wolter: Thank you for the chance to honor my dad. He had dinner with us EVERY night and led devotions after dinner, and then he fell asleep on the couch.

Salute to FSC
From Kathy Sandberg: God Bless the work you do for these dads to help them make a better future for themselves and families alike. Prayers always for your continuation in all the strong programs you provide. I know they have impressed my son, he is greatful to be apart of this program. I trust it will continue to grow and prosper, for all the people that come to you. Thank you for being a part of my son’s life when he needs it most.

In honor of Jeff and Abby Miller
From Holly and David Gulick.

In honor of Rob & Alice Sherwood
From Holly and David Gulick

In honor of Bill and Mary Lou Schicker
From John Schicker.

In honor of Jon Dobson on his birthday
From Abby M. Roessler.

John and Randee Steffen
From Robert Porter.

Charles Seng
From Kurt and Terry Arthur.

Keith S. McDowell
To a loving father and a good man.

Tom McClorey

Dove L. Smith
For sharing your love through many generations.

John Dupree

Stephen Knapp

Thanks for being a wonderful daddy! Love, Lauren and Jonathan.
Donation in celebration of Stephen, Dexter and Lisanne Schraer.

Hoffman Family


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