Charles Barnes

Director of Community Outreach

Charles Barnes has personal and professional longevity with FFSC that allows him the fortitude to relate in various capacities. His experience, knowledge and understanding of the mission and program allow him to be a strategic and detail-intensive leader in public service. These traits also allow him to apply progressive experience to exceptional administrative and operational performance, program and project management, and team engagement.

With over two decades in various roles, Mr. Barnes has provided leadership, operations direction, process improvement, policy development, and client satisfaction. He facilitates delivery of adult education and training programs with a focus on the public service sector.

Currently he specializes in the rehabilitation of individuals with a history of criminal behavior through the facilitation of programs for behavior modification, relationship management, personal development, economic empowerment, and transitions to community life.

In the effort of building, training, and focusing teams to exceed organizational expectations, he prioritizes and advances extensive agendas in demanding settings, and drafts and administers high-impact educational and training programs. Mr. Barnes aligns divisions with organizational missions, forges efficient and productive organizational cultures, and establishes and maintain trust-based business relationships and strategic partnerships.