Family of mom accused of killing kids speak out, Metro groups, FFSC offers lifeline to parents

Watch HERE! FFSC coverage at 4:10 mark.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (First Alert 4) – Local advocacy groups tell First Alert 4, Metro families are suffering and struggling with caring for their children.

“We do get parents that are calling in the midst of a mental health crisis,” says Lindsay Kyonka of the Crisis Nursery. “We have seen some families in some really, really dark places and to see them now you would never guess the things that they’ve been through.”

The Crisis Nursery offers 24/7 emergency care for kids whose guardians have reached a breaking point. According to the agency, 4,000 calls come a year and a majority are from moms.

“It’s just a safe spot for kids to stay for a few days while parents figure things out,” says Kyonka. “Stress levels are so high and it feels like there’s no way out.”

One of the Crisis Nursery’s locations is in Jefferson County. On Tuesday, Ashley Parmeley of Festus, killed her two children, according to police. Investigators say the 36-year-old mom drowned her 2-year-old son Isaac and shot 9-year-old, Scarlet.

Fathers & Families Support Center (FFSC) has helped 20,000 Metro dads fighting for their rights in St. Louis, North County and East Louis.

“Document what those hurdles are. They need to have facts of what interactions they’ve had or not had with their children,” says Chief Operating Officer, Destiny Goodwin.

The sister of Ashley took to social media pleading with the public to stop making threats towards her family.

“We’re in shock. We don’t understand. We’re mourning 2 deaths we never thought we’d have to mourn this way. Please stop attacking us all while we do that. We haven’t even had time to process this is even real yet.”

She goes on to say they did not know the children were in danger.

“We’d put our lives and a million dollars on it saying you’re crazy and she would never.”

Loved ones say the children were loved by both sides of the family. The fathers grieved together at a Memorial in Crystal City on Wednesday.

First Alert 4 spoke to baby Isaac’s family Friday.

The boy’s aunt released the following statement.

“It come to my attention there have been hateful things said to the family of Ashley Parmeley. I want it known that we harbor no ill will toward them over this tragic and devastating act. We are all heartbroken and have not even begun to mourn.

As a nation, we all have mixed emotions and are in shock, but her family does not deserve anything less than compassion over this. They have lost much. We all have.

Isaac was such a sweet boy. The worst he ever did was steal your heart with his smile. His daddy’s smile. He was affectionate, fun, loving, and so smart. He was loved by both sides of his family.”

GoFundMe has been set up for Scarlet’s family. Another GoFundMe has also been created for Issac.

To contact the Crisis Nursery 24/7 helpline, call 314-768-3201 or visit

They offer in St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln and Jefferson counties.

For more information about Fathers & Families Support Center call 314-333-4170.