Nun retires after 24 years of teaching men to be better fathers

After 24 years of instruction and 146 graduations, Sister Carol Schumer is retiring from Fathers & Families Support Center (FFSC). At the December 8th graduation ceremony, the organization paid tribute the to nun whose curriculum has become a large part of the Family Formation program. FFSC’s program is a 6-week boot camp that teaches men how to be responsible, committed fathers. There is also a parenting program for mothers.

Debbie Monterrey of KMOX Radio attended the ceremony and talked to Sister Carol’s students, co-workers and admirers. Listen HERE!

“Here I am, this white woman with no children, because I’m a Catholic sister,” says Sister Carol to the mostly Black men. “So I have three strikes before I even start. And yet, we looked at how we are alike. And the way we are alike is we all stuck and stayed.”

“Sister Carol is amazing,” says Cheri Tillis, CEO of Fathers & Families Support Center. “She has more energy than anyone I’ve seen.”