Bobby Carr

Family Formation Alum

A generous grant awarded to FFSC this year by the Missouri Bar Foundation allowed our Legal team to extend a helping hand to nearly a dozen alumni fathers who are fighting to be a part of their children’s lives.

One such father, Bobby Carr, father of twin girls born in 2015, and a 2017 alumnus of Class 119, needed help. Although Carr knew he was the biological father when the twins were born, the mother tried to establish paternity with another man and denied Carr the right to see his daughters, despite Carr’s faithfully paying $575 per month in child support and seeing the girls three to four times per week. Carr was heartbroken. And stuck without legal help.

That’s when Director of Legal Services, Lisl King Williams reached out to him. “With the Missouri Bar Foundation grant funds, we were able to take on his case, establish paternity and go to court with a plan of action so he could see his girls again.”

On the day of court, the mother did not show up. At that point, Carr could have asked the court for full custody of the twins, but instead requested 50/50 joint custody. “Bobby was all about doing the right thing for his girls,” Williams says. “He talked about how important it is to have both parents in his daughters’ lives and didn’t want to exclude the mother of his children.”

With joint custody established, Carr is back in his daughters’ lives and remains a loving, responsible and involved father.