Chamar Harris

Family Formation Alum

Watch the video HERE! Father Chamar Harris loves being a dad: “My kids bring nothing but motivation, joy and love into my life. They fill my days with hope.”

But those days ended when Chamar’s relationship with the mother disintegrated: “My world crumbled. The mother and I stopped communicating. All we did was fight, and I didn’t know how to make things right between us so we could be a family again.”

To make matters worse, Chamar lost his job and was unable to provide for the

household: “I missed birthdays and holidays. Not having a steady job caused me to lose confidence as a man and as a responsible parent.”

That’s when a friend told him about Fathers & Families Support Center (FFSC). Chamar enrolled in FFSC’s 6-week Family Formation program to establish a career and receive guidance on how to co-parent successfully and re-establish a relationship with his kids.

Chamar explained: “FFSC’s six-week program challenged my own understanding of what it means to be a responsible parent. I became more selfless and considerate of others. FFSC also taught me communication tools that helped me re-establish a new relationship with the mother.”

FFSC’s Legal team assisted Chamar in preparation for a parent-custody hearing, where both parties agreed to a 50/50 custody arrangement. His children now spend time living with each parent on a rotating schedule. “It’s wonderful to finally have my family back,” said Chamar. The mother and I work together now to provide the best outcomes for our kids.”

Today, Chamar works as a facility operations manager for Boeing contractor, Aramark. “As the oldest son of a young mother, I know what it’s like first-hand to not have stability or a father figure,” he explained. “Having a stable environment is key to raising children who are healthy both mentally and physically. I owe it all to FFSC.”

Together with his kids, he enjoys hosting sleepovers at his home, attending events at his kids’ school and eating dinner together as a family.