Family Formation Alum

Incarcerated for several years due to poor life choices, Darryl realized he never knew how to be a responsible father to his five children: “I sat in prison, agonizing over their welfare and my mistakes as a parent,” he said. “I did not have the benefit of a father in my life, and for that my children suffered.”

After his release in 2016, he signed up for FFSC’s six-week Family Formation program, where he learned new parenting and communication skills, developed a career path, found full-time employment, received housing referrals and most important – legal help.

“At that time, the mother of my kids was struggling with life issues and unable to properly care for them full-time,” Darryl explained. “FFSC helped me through the process of gaining primary custody, while sharing custody with the mother.”

Today, 30-year-old Darryl maintains a household with all five children, ages 7-11. He understands that overcoming his past is be the greatest gift he could give to his family. “I’m back in my children’s lives, and I want them to learn from my mistakes,” he added. “I think it’s very important that my kids have both a mother and a father in their lives as they grow.”