Gerald Proctor

Family Formation Alum

Gerald Proctor, a graduate of Class 118, is on a much better path since completing the Family Formation Program. “It put me back on track,” he said. Since graduation he has obtained a job at CVS drug store where he will work as a cashier in preparation for pharmacy assistance training.

Proctor has six children, including 10-year-old Kiyoko, who is one of the top 10 basketball players in the nation according to the All-American Report. She is already being scouted for a future at Saint Louis University. Fathers & Families Support Center’s Legal Services helped Proctor arrange for child support payment agreements with courts and his five other children during his FFSC tenure. “It was always ‘no’,” Proctor said of his court battles. But when Legal Services Director Lisl Williams stepped in, a plan was set in place.