Greg Cooper

Family Formation Alum

When father and former client Greg Cooper graduated from Class 109 in 2016, he never imagined that one day he would work for FFSC as a full-time staff accountant.

“FFSC helped me so much with setting up a child support plan, learning new parenting skills and helping me prepare for the job I have today,” said Greg.

As part of FFSC’s Family Formation, Greg received job readiness and job retention training to build longevity in his career with an employer who hires him.

In 2018, while working for Citibank, Greg learned that FFSC was hiring, so he jumped at the chance to apply. “I wanted to work some place that makes a difference, and I never forgot all that FFSC did for me.”

To be considered, Greg had to complete a series of prerequisite tests. “I passed all four,” Greg said, smiling proudly. After several interviews, Greg got the job!

Nine months later, Greg says he’s thankful: “My work is respected at FFSC, I make a decent living and I can support my wife and daughter, Kaylee, who is 8.”

In his spare time, Greg likes to pitch in and help FFSC’s development team by soliciting donations from local businesses.

“Greg is a natural when it comes to speaking with potential donors,” said Sid Officer, communications specialist. “He truly goes the extra mile helping our agency. In fact, he solicited a $100 gift certificate from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for our annual Trivia Night!”

When he’s not working, Greg enjoys spending time with his wife, Sheila and daughter Kaylee, cooking and reading up on the latest video games.