John Williams

Family Formation Alum

My name is John Williams, and I am a grateful graduate of Fathers & Families Support Center (FFSC).

I want to thank FFSC and its staff for all they have done for me and the change that has come over my life and the relationships with my children.

Last Saturday, I was able to pick up my son to see a movie together, hang out for the day and plan for our next get-together. Not only that, but now my daughter is spending the whole week at my house, catching up with me about her life.

Plus, I’m now able to speak with my kids who live in New Jersey! All thanks to the help I received in FFSC’s parenting and healthy relationship classes, both of which taught me how to listen and communicate better as a parent.

This year, I also got married after 13 years, and I’m currently starting my own nonprofit to work with youth. And I’m still prospering at the full-time job that FFSC helped me obtain through its employment program.

My point is to say thank you for changing what I thought could not be changed, which is me! I listened, I learned and I implemented the tools FFSC gave me, which has made all the difference.

I would also like to thank my facilitator Reginald Slaughter, who talked with me man-to-man and helped change my mindset on life. Simple things, like emotional support from staff and the fellowship of other fathers in the program, made a world of difference to me. Thank you!