Family Formation Alum

After FFSC’s grand opening of its new downtown headquarters, 59-year-old alumnus father Joseph arrived with toolbox in hand to install equipment for one of our new classrooms. What’s he been up to?

Working full-time now for Warehouse of Fixtures, financially independent and actively involved in his church, Joseph has come a long way. He signed up for FFSC’s six-week Family Formation program in 2018 while residing at the St. Louis Transition Center.

“At the time, I had been estranged from my son for so many years. His mother moved out of state, and I never got the chance to be a part of his life,” Joseph explained. “Mr. Tumlin, my facilitator at FFSC, encouraged me to reach out to my son and helped me through the process.”

Although his son, who is also named Joseph, is 38 and lives out of state, they’ve remained close with a father-son bond. “If sharing my story can help another father reach out to his children, then it will have all been worth it!” Joseph added.