Keith Mack

Family Formation Alum

No stranger to Fathers & Families Support Center, Keith Mack is a two-time graduate. He remembers both the staff and resources, including employment. “Back in 2002, I had no job and a family to support,” explained Mack. “After joining FFSC and going through their program, they helped me get a job as a full-time driver. I was promoted too.”

After a second release from prison in 2009, Mack faced desperate times. Unemployed again with a criminal record and owing close to $100,000 in back child support, Mack reached out to FFSC staff who welcomed him back.

“Some guys I knew killed themselves over it,” said Mack, referring to fathers who owed large amounts of child support. While incarcerated, Mack kept in close contact with his four children, now ages 28, 26, 25 and 23. “I love my children, and I wasn’t about to kill myself over money,” Mack said. “I knew FFSC would help, and then the rest would be up to me.”

Mack worked with his career adviser and signed up for CDL (Commercial Drivers License) certification. He had a job offer lined up before graduation! “I’ve always worked hard and kept second jobs to make ends meet. I wouldn’t have gotten this far though without the staff at FFSC who’ve always been there for me when I was at my lowest,” explained Mack.

Today at 48 years old, Mack owes less than $20K in child support, works as a full-time driver for a local hauling company and owns his own home and car thanks to the resources and services provided by FFSC.