Kendrick Patrick

Family Formation Alum

After Kendrick Patrick became a father, he enjoyed busy days with the kids, after-school activities and raising his young son and daughter. That is until 2019, when his life changed forever in a near-fatal car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. 

Due to his physical challenges, a failed relationship and a communication breakdown with the mother, Mr. Patrick was kept away from his 2 children for 4 years. He was seen as being “incapable of being a father” due to his disability. Yearning to have a relationship with his children, Mr. Patrick enrolled in FFSC’s six-week Family Formation Program, Class 158 in September 2023. 

While enrolled, Mr. Patrick learned co-parenting and communication skills to help rebuild the relationship with the mother. He also met with our on-site trauma care therapist to address his mental health.

Thanks to the help of FFSC’s Legal Department, he learned his rights as a father and began working on a parenting plan, visitation and joint custody arrangement for his kids. 

After four years apart, Mr. Patrick was finally able to see his kids and spend the past holiday with them. “It’s been a huge, unexpected transformation for all of us,” he exclaimed. “My kids are learning to adjust and more importantly, they’re able to see how much their father truly loves them.”