Marquale Reese

Family Formation Alum

“Fathers & Families Support Center helped me become a better provider for my child and taught me how responsible fathers take care of their children. It starts with healthy co-parenting, because my son needs both parents in his life! FFSC also helped me earn my CDL license, and now I own my own trucking company!”

First-time father, Marquale Reese signed up for FFSC’s six-week Family Formation program in 2020 after the relationship with the mother of his child began deteriorating. Their son, born prematurely at 1 pound, 9 ounces suffered from ongoing health issues, which caused stress in the relationship. “The mother and I were not on good terms and that scared me because I didn’t want to lose my son,” Marquale explained.

Hopeful for a solution, Marquale shared his story in class and found he wasn’t alone:

“There were dads just like me with the same issues,” he said. “I didn’t feel alone anymore, and these dads were open to changing themselves for the betterment of their kids, which inspired me!”

While enrolled, Marquale learned new communication skills and co-parenting tools that helped him develop empathy for his son’s mother: “It’s humbling. I thought I had all the answers, but I was part of the problem,” he confessed. “I wasn’t putting myself in her shoes and trying to understand the mother’s point of view.” Today, Marquale and the mother are on friendly terms and co-parent together.

Thanks to FFSC’s Financial Literacy and Training Resources, Marquale earned his Commercial Driver’s License and established his own trucking company where he travels across the country along with his son.

Though his son resides out of state today, Marquale continues to be active in his son’s life, attending his first day of school, staying by his side during hospital visits, and often takes flights to spend time with him throughout the month. “Even though I don’t see my son daily, I make it my priority to speak with him a minimum of three times a week, and when we get together, we enjoy playing with cars and swimming.”

The parenting agreement established through FFSC’s Legal Team has made this possible. In fact, Marquale is currently working to relocate where his son resides, so they can remain close.