Marvin Crumer

Family Formation Alum

The oldest of 5, Marvin Crumer grew up without a father, caring for his siblings while his mother worked full-time. Although relatives tried to help, Marvin admitted that nothing could replace the missing piece of having his own father involved in his life.

“Before Fathers’ Support Center, I never had anyone show me what it means to be a man or a father,” explained Marvin. “So twelve years ago, when my wife was expecting our son Malik, I knew I had to find a resource to help me become the father I never had for the sake of my son.”

“Before Fathers’ Support Center, I never had anyone show me what it means to be a man or a father.”

In 2005, Marvin, who was already working full-time at Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club as a youth coordinator, enrolled in FSC’s Family Formation. Despite his worry about becoming a good father, Marvin quickly realized he wasn’t alone: “So many other guys had the same fears and questions about how to take care of their kids. I was relieved to know I wasn’t the only one.”

While enrolled, Marvin learned parenting skills, nutrition and meal planning for families, as well as how to have healthy relationships. “I benefitted so much from FSC’s programs,” said Marvin. “I’m a better husband and a better parent as a result.”

Today, his son Malik, now 12, plays sports and appreciates seeing his father cheering him on at events: “My dad is at all my games and tries to coach me to do my best no matter what.”

Growing up without a dad at his games, Marvin understands that fathers make a difference, “I want him to know that I’m there and always will be.”

Today, as Director of Parks and Recreation for Dellwood, Marvin says he is able to make a direct impact on families and children by creating programs and events for them every year: “As site coordinator for Boys & Girls Club, I helped coordinate projects for the youth. Today as Director of Parks and Recreation, I create the events and programs that directly impact and positively influence the lives of children and families.”