Myron McGee

Family Formation Alum

“It took me 31 years to obtain tools and knowledge that I now have as a man, thanks to Fathers & Families Support Center. As my son grows, he has an example in front of him – what a man is and what a man can do.”

A criminal past, drug abuse and lack of self-esteem landed 30-year-old Myron McGee in prison. Heartbroken for having to leave his then three-year-old son Kortez behind, McGee vowed to make a lifestyle change for the sake of his son and envisioned to one day, use his incarceration experience for good – as a springboard to public speaking and inspiring others. He served seven years, missing cherished birthdays, growth milestones and sport activities. 

Months prior to his release, McGee’s life changed when a friend of the family told him about Fathers & Families Support Center (FFSC).  Eager to restore his father-son relationship, McGee knew he needed to act: “I enrolled in FFSC’s six-week Family Formation program because I wanted to be a better man and father.”

After his first class, McGee quickly learned he was not alone: “In Sister Carol’s parenting class, I was happy to be among other fathers who needed the same tools as me with a desire to raise their children properly,” he said. “The program facilitators taught me how fathers (and mothers) play a critical role in a child’s development. It helped me strengthen the co-parenting relationship with my son’s mother. I had to realize that we don’t parent the same, which is ok. I learned how to communicate and compromise effectively and respectfully, which has enhanced our relationship.” Today, McGee and 11-year-old Kortez are close:  “He confides in me often,” McGee said adding, “FFSC helped me understand how my child develops emotionally, so I can be there for him at every stage.” Along with being a responsible dad, McGee has strengthened his skills as a public speaker, gaining networking opportunities within the community and hosting motivational talks in the St. Louis Community. He works at Amazon, and in his spare time, coaches his son’s youth basketball team.