Stanley Prince

Family Formation Alum

“Staying around positive people is the best tool anyone can live by,” says Stanley Prince. “If you want to get your life right, you have to be around positive people. Iron sharpens iron.”

Stanley grew up knowing just how rough the streets could be. He enjoyed rebelling against authority figures and taking risks, resulting in poor choices that led him to juvenile homes and institutions.

Dropping out of school at 13, Stanley set his sights on becoming rich through drugs. He was arrested at age 29 and has lived half his life in prison. While incarcerated, Stanley learned of his son’s murder, spurring him to rewrite his destiny.

In prison, Stanley learned to read, write and earned his GED. After being released, he connected with programs at Fathers & Families Support Center and CareSTL Health. These programs supplied Stanley with ample love and support to elevate himself in life.

Today, Stanley owns his own outreach business that works with troubled teens to lead a different life than he led. When asked to reflect on his journey, he says that “I don’t want to think about doing it all over again because my life is great. It’s the way I want it…I’m truly living my best life.” 

– Special thanks to Mission: St. Louis for Stanley’s story.