Travion M.

Family Formation Alum

Twenty-nine-year-old father Travion M. enrolled in Fathers & Families Support Center’s (FFSC) six-week Family Formation program after numerous requests to see his six-year-old daughter, Skylar were ignored or denied. His long-term relationship with the mother of his child had ended, and Travion heard Skylar was in emotional distress over the split.

Embraced by the fellowship of other fathers, Travion discovered that his situation was not as unique as he imagined. “Just being in the same room with other men, made me realize that my situation could be worse, and more than anything, the class helped me to mature,” Travion explained.

FFSC program facilitators taught him how to co-parent effectively, how to listen and communicate with the mother, and how to soothe his daughter’s emotions. “FFSC helped me open the door to a new relationship with the mother and my child,” Travion said. “I went from no weekends with my daughter, to every weekend! The mother and I may have our differences, but we both see the bigger picture now and understand that our child matters more than anything.”

Travion also took advantage of the FFSC’s on-site therapists who assisted him in healing trauma from my past. “I always knew I needed help for my mental health, but I never pursued it,” Travion said. Three years post-graduation from FFSC, he still meets with the same FFSC therapist. “My progress is ongoing. I want to be the best man and father I can be for my family.”

During the program, Travion received a boost in confidence, thanks to the generosity of donors and friends who gifted dress suits to FFSC’s Suits For Success Closet. “Helping me get a suit brought about a different feeling in me as a man and entrepreneur.”

Today, Travion not only sees Skylar on weekends, but they also see each other frequently during the week. In fact, they have “Daddy-Daughter Day” every week, enjoying bounce houses and long days at the park. He is also teaching Skylar about the meaning of entrepreneurship. On occasion, he takes her to visit his warehouse: “I’m teaching Skylar how to earn money, which is important when it comes to being a provider. I want her to know what a provider looks like,” Travion explained. He is the owner of three local businesses today: Mr. Budget, LLC (a hauling service); 314 Auto Dealership; Suzy Mays’ Estate Sales. Travion plans on continuing his growth as a responsible parent while remaining actively involved in his daughter’s life.