Our founder and longtime CEO, Halbert Sullivan, saw the need to teach men to be actively involved fathers. He saw the considerable benefits that the children of those fathers would receive. He saw how those benefits could and would spill over into the community at large. But in addition to his ability to imagine, Halbert Sullivan was also a “doer.” He rolled up his sleeves, he got the job done. Members of the society named in his honor make it possible for the work of FFSC to be done and done correctly day in and day out.

Level names are words Halbert used during his graduation speeches.

  • Hero-$50,000
  • Champion-$25,000
  • Responsible – $10,000
  • Provider-$5,000
  • Friend-$2,500

You can donate online HERE or mail your gift to:

Fathers & Families Support Center

c/o Stephen Knapp

1601 Olive Street

St. Louis, MO 63103

For more info on joining other families who are a part of the Halbert Sullivan Society and learning more about how you can support our mission, please contact Stephen Knapp at 314-333-4170, ext.118 or email him at sknapp@fatherssupport.org